Saturday, February 13, 2010

Earth Friendly Practices

I believe that no step towards lessening our footprint on the Earth is too small. We keep the thermostat set on 62 degrees in the winter, hang clothes outside to dry whenever possible, use washable, reusable items like shopping bags, un-paper towels and mesh produce bags. Composting and recycling are second nature and trips to town usually only happen when there is more than one reason to go there.
All that being said, I do use the dryer when it's rained for days and in the winter. Sometimes I forget the shopping bags and I never think to put junk mail in the recycling. The important thing is to make an effort and to not beat yourself up when you forget. Every time we remember or take the time to do these things, the World is a little better off!
What environmentally friendly things have become routine in your life?

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