Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lady's Mantle- Alchemilla Vulgaris

Lady's Mantle, also known as dew cup, is a tough perennial with an airy, delicate appearance. The proper name comes from the plant's healing reputation while "dew cup" refers to the plants habit of collecting dew. This dew was used by alchemists in their potions in days gone by.
The name Lady's Mantle refers to its use for female ailments during the Middle Ages.
To use topically, infuse the dried leaves in spring water and use as an astringent or facial steam. Use the infusion cold to decrease large pores and sooth acne. Dew cup is also used in creams to soften skin and decrease inflammation.

Lady's Mantle Bath

Place a small handful each of Lady's Mantle, comfrey and calendula in a muslin bag. Hang over the faucet as the tub is filling so the water flows through the herbs. At the end of your bath, gently rub the bag of herbs over your skin for added softness.
As always, if you have sensitivities to herbs, do a patch test before using.