Wednesday, July 4, 2018


 Properties of Moonstone

 The Stone of Travelers


~ Increases psychic perception,vision and dream work
~ Decreases insomnia and nightmares
~ Soothes worry and anxiety
~ Nurtures inner growth and strength

CHAKRAS - Solar Plexus and Brow
ZODIAC SIGNS - Cancer, Libra, Scorpio

Physically moonstone is said to aid in hormonal balance to help with PMS, childbirth, conception and breast feeding. In addition it has a reputation for eliminating toxins from the body and reducing fluid retention.

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

 Sodalite Gemstone Properties

~ Guardian of heroes
~ Brings order and calmness to the mind
~ Helps one speak the truth
~ brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks
~ enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust

CHAKRA - Throat

ZODIAC SIGN - Sagittarius

Physically sodalite is said to help lower blood pressure, cool fevers, help with disorders of the throat and balance the immune system and metabolism.

I formulated an essential oil blend with the same properties as Sodalite. You can find it here - Sodalite Essential Oil

Sunday, June 3, 2018

  Properties of Jasper

 ~ the Supreme Nurturer
~ Opens one up to new ideas to bring about necessary change
~ Increases focus, self discipline and tranquility
~ Reminds us to bring joy to others
~ Helps balance past and future
~ Stabilizes aura and opens one up to their true purpose

CHAKRAS - Solar Plexus and Root

ZODIAC SIGNS - Aquarius, Capricorn and Scorpio

Physically jasper is said to help clear environmental pollution and other toxins from the body and provide support during prolonged illnesses.

I formulated an essential oil blend with the same properties as Jasper. You can find it here - Jasper Essential Oil

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Gemstone Properties - Amethyst

 ~ increases serenity and calmness
~ increases mental acuity and decision making ability
~ curbs appetites
~ increases psychic ability and intuition

CHAKRAS - Crown and Brow

ZODIAC SIGNS - Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Physically amethyst is said to strengthen the immune system, reduce pain and strengthen the body during serious illnesses.It also has a reputation of being helpful in relieving headaches.

I have formulated an essential oil blend to have the same properties as an amethyst! You can find it here - 
Amethyst Gemstone  Essential Oil

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Essential Oils for Capricorns

Essential Oils for Capricorns

December 22- January 20

Planetary Ruler - Saturn

Element- Earth

People born under the sign of Capricorn have a practical approach to problems and are stable in the face of crisis. They tend to be deliberate and methodical. These traits make them natural leaders, but can also lead to over work and burnout. Sandalwood and chamomile essential oils help with relaxation while patchouli and bergamot ease burnout. 

While Capricorns are sensitive to the needs of others and have loyal friends they tend to be loners who are prone to pessimism. Melissa and peppermint oils help lift the spirit and get rid of melancholy and support a feeling of joy.  

Blood orange and lemon are excellent choices for our Capricorn friends to both promote feelings of cheerfulness and well being while clearing the mind and enhancing natural focus. Pine supports patience, strength and their logical, practical nature.

You can find these oils and more here. Look for ready made blends for all of the signs of the zodiac in the near future!


Sunday, May 7, 2017

Essential Oils for Sagittarius

Essential Oils for Sagittarius

Nov 22-Dec 21

Planet- Jupiter  Element- Fire

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love their freedom! They are independent, optimistic, idealistic, fun loving and like to travel. It is the friendliest sign of the Zodiac and is associated with good communication. Essential oils to encourage the fun loving free spirit are tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium and rosemary.

On the darker side, those born under this sign can be impatient, impulsive and prone to speaking without thinking. Sagittarians are prone to stress, tension and addictions.To lessen stress and tension chamomile, lavender and frankincense are most useful.Dealing with an addictive nature is supported by juniper, basil and bergamot. 

You can find these essential oils here and more at

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Heart Chakra Balancing Essential Oils

Heart Chakra -Anahata

Our heart chakra is located in the center of the chest and is the center of the chakra system. It is the link between the upper and lower chakras. The associated color is green and its element is air.
In the body your heart chakra sees over the heart, blood, circulatory system, lungs,thymus and breasts. .

Indications your heart chakra is well balanced 

Your heart chakra is the source of love and well being. It allows you to love others unconditionally, be generous and compassionate. A well balanced heart chakra allows you to feel joy and self love. People feel at peace around you as you create safe and supportive environment free from judgement. You can appreciate the beauty around you and have the ability to grieve in order to reach peace when necessary. Physically, when this chakra is in balance your thymus, heart and lungs are free from disease and functioning properly.

Signs of imbalance

Indications of imbalance include fear, jealousy, despair and lack of empathy. One may feel withdrawn, possessive, critical or controlling. Imbalance can manifest in the body as disease of the lungs or circulatory system including the heart. Breast cancer can also indicate imbalance. 

Achieving balance

Spending time in nature or a flower garden is simple and effective way to help bring about balance.
Essential oils to help achieve balance include rose, geranium, jasmine, lavender and neroli. Using them is easy.
 ~ Apply a drop over your heart and massage in then rub your hands together and breath deeply while thinking peaceful, loving thoughts.
~Add a drop or two to a room or necklace diffuser.
~  Make a simple room spray by combining 15-20 drops of essential oil blend with 2 ounces  distilled water in a spray bottle. Shake well before use.
~Dress a candle by smoothing a drop or two of your oil of choice to the rim of a candle before burning. A green candle is best for this as it's the color for the heart.

You can find the single oils here and my blend of oils here. 
For a complete selection of chakra balancing oils visit this section.