Sunday, December 6, 2009

Corn Fed Squirrels

Yes, it's true! We invite the squirrels into our yard by feeding them tasty treats!
We started out feeding the birds and my husband quickly became VERY unhappy with the amount of birdseed the squirrels would go through in a day.
Then I found this whirly gig corn feeder for squirrels. The dried cobs of corn attach to the ends of the arms with a large screw. This devise along with weighted bird feeders keeps the squirrel out of the birdseed, happy and well fed as you can see from their round little bellies in these photos! Now they are welcome visitors who are a great source of entertainment and laughter!

Some classic squirrel poses.

Blue jays also eat a LOT of seed, but like the corn, too.

Cleaning up what the birds dropped- good job guys!

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