Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mug Mat Directions- Part 2

Now that your mix has aged, it's time to make the cover for your mug mat. This one has a removable cover so you can wash it as needed. You will need fabric as follows-

~lining- one piece of muslin 9 inches by 4 1/2 inches (7 x 13 for a 9 inch trivet)
~cover- one piece of cotton fabric, pre-was
hed and preshrunk, 5 1/2 inches by 10 1/2 inches (10x 24 for trivet)
-Fold short ends of muslin over 1/4 inch. Pin and press
-Fold muslin in half, matching fold
ed edges then stitch raw edges.
-Trim corners, turn to
the right side and press.

-Fold short ends of fabric over 1/4 inch then an additional 1/4 inch to make a narrow finished hem. Press, pin and stitch close to edge of fold.
-With right sides together, fold cover into thirds overlapping finished edges in the middle. -Pin and stitch raw edge
s to form an envelope.
-Trim corne
rs, turn and press.

-Add about 1/4 cup (One cup for trivet) of you
r aged spice mix to the muslin liner. Don't be tempted to overfill or your cup will tip over!
-Pin and press. Y
ou are done!

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