Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Speak of the Devil...

I was talking with Kalan from Lucky Dog Farm about beneficial insects at the Cooperstown Farmers Market on Saturday and the subject of walking sticks came up. I told him I hadn't seen one yet this year but they usually appear on the back door screen. Well, look who appeared on Sunday morning! This beauty wasn't content to hang out on the screen. He came in to pose on the fridge for me so I could share his magnificence with you!


  1. I love the Walking Sticks (scarce here in Va. also) and the praying Mantis! They feel like old friends when they finally show up! I copied your Choc.Zucc.Cake recipe and I'm anxious to try it but things have been to busy. I'll give you my opinion soon. PS-Sometimes we bloggers wonder if anyone ever reads our posts-I love your blog & always read it. So now ya know!! Happy Labor Day!

  2. Thanks, Sue! Our conversation began with praying mantis and how I got my son a "coccoon" of the eggs for his birthday one year. As a 9 year old boy, he loved the gift! I too, enjoy your blog! : )