Sunday, September 6, 2009

Birds and Turtles at the Iroquois Festival

We spent a pleasant day at the Iroquois Indian Museum in Cobleskill,NY today. We just missed seeing the dancers but got to hear some great stories and see some beautiful art work and animals.

This festival so resonates with that bit of Iroquois DNA in me. While my grandmother knew the Native American portion of our heritage, she was discouraged as a child and young woman to even mention it. In the early 1900's, when she was growing up, it was considered something to ashamed of and she never really got over those early lessons in shame. The real shame is not knowing that part of my history and to be able to pass it on to my son.

The birds in these photos are all recovering from injury to hopefully be re-released into the wild. The turtle lives in a little pond inside the museum with other turtles. This one is the largest and seems to be supervising all the others! The opening photo is of a beautiful Red Tailed Hawk with an injured wing.
Tomorrow I'll share some of the art work on display in the museum.

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