Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rosewater Toner Recipe

The rosa rugosa in my garden are in their full glory now! The vibrant deep pink petals are covering the bushes with all their beauty and rich fragrance. The bees are quite happy to nestle themselves deep within the petals to gather all the golden pollen for their honey and are jealous of my desire to get close to take a deef sniff. (Luckily, there is plenty of plantain growing near by!)
While roses are beautiful to look at and smell, they are also very useful. You can use the scented petals in salads, jams, vinegars and syrups. The fruit of the plant, the rose hips, are rich in vitamin C and make an excellent tea.
Powdered rose petals can be used in facials, bath salts and scrubs, body powders and soap. Rosewater's soothing properties make the follow
ing toner a good choice for dry or sensitive skin.

Rosewater Toner
Simply blend 3/4 cup of rosewater with 6 drops of glycerin and 2/3 cup of witch hazel in a bottle. Shake well before using.

Food grade rosewater also makes a soothing mouth rinse when you have canker sores or as a gentle, natural alternative to commercial mouthwashes which tend to be harsh.
Later this week, I'll share one of my favorite rose potpourri recipes.
Have a peace filled Sunday!

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  1. Ohhh myyyy! I can't waittt for my little seedlings to sprout from beneath the top grade soil I gave them! I'm not gonna lie, I have dedicated soo much of my time and devotion to make sure that they come out just right... I am planning on growing my own exotic plants in a green house environment that I am almost done building for them, but soon it will be the new talk of my town without a doubt. I love plants and I believe that if the people in this world each individually just added one plant of their choice, this planet would most definitely be a more beautiful place! :)