Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lavender Wand How To

Lavender wands are pretty way to preserve your lavender flowers. They make thoughtful little gifts and it is a most pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon! This is an easy project that is fun to do with children.
Start with an odd number of stems of lavender. I usually use 11 or 13 to make a nice full wand. Pick the lavender on a dry day when the buds are nice and fat but haven't begun to open yet. The only other material is a piece of ribbon about 30 inches long.
Begin by bunching the lavender together so that the base of each flower head is more or less even with the others. Tie the end of your ribbon at the bottom of the bunch and knot.
Hold the lavender upside down and gently bend the stems over the ribbon to cover the lavender flowers.
Weave the ribbon through the stems by going over and under alternating stems. Adjust the stems as you go to create full coverage of the flower heads. Pull the ribbon firmly but gently as you work your way down the stems.
Continue to weave the ribbon, alternating stems as you go, until you reach the bottom of the flower heads. Keep each row of ribbon close to the previous one.

Finish your wand with a pretty bow and hang upside down to dry for a week or so. Check your wand every couple of days to see if the ribbon needs to be tightened. Do this by untying the bow and gently pulling the ribbon tighter working from top to bottom. When your wand is completely dry, you can decorate it with tiny dried flowers or a bit of lace or ribbon if desired.
Share your creations with friends and family or any faeries that happen to live in your garden!


  1. wow! I can't believe how beautiful this turned out! I wish I could make some. I wonder if I would be able to order fresh lavender sticks online? Probably not. *giggles*
    Absolutely luv your theme too. I need something tranquil & simple like this. My widgets often don't fit into the sidebar...
    Bright Blessings Jules

  2. Thanks, Jules!You pretty much have to pick the lavender right before you make the wand so it's nice and supple.
    I got this theme from Backgroundfairy.com. ~Gail