Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to Burn a Jar Candle Properly

Have you ever bought a candle and ended up disappointed because it only melted in the middle of the jar? Why is all that wax clinging to the sides of the jar and not melting? "It must be a crappy candle" you think to yourself. Well, it could be your burning technique!
While burning a jar candle seems quite straight forward, light a match, put it to the wick and you're done, there is a simple trick to getting the most out of any jar candle.
Wax has a "memory." This memory is formed the very first time you burn the candle and can not be changed. So, if you light that fragrant creation, let it burn for just a little while and snuff it out when only a small puddle of wax has formed you will never get it to melt out to the sides of the jar! The next time you light your candle, you will notice the wax puddle won't extend past the diameter of the original wax puddle- disappointing!
The trick to getting the most life out of any candle is to be sure the first time you burn it it is lit long enough to get a puddle of melted wax out to the sides of the jar. This insures a clean burn down to the bottom of the jar.
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